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Need some Valentines, folks?

Posted By on Jan 14, 2010

Well look no further! Check out these precious little gems that Kay Miller put together using various bits and pieces from several of my collections.How cute, hey!?!? I love them! They’re just perfect for me to print out and give to the little neighbour kidlets with a lollypop this year! Thanks Kay Miller! Gotta love it when she does the work for us, right folks!?!? hahahahaha Mary Fran...

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That’s right, folks! My new collection for Valentine’s is on the shelves now at Check it out: There’s lots and lots of goodies that co-ordinate with this one! Check out these darling Brag Book Pages, Lickety Splits, and Whatnots that the oh so clever and talented Kay Miller made with my collection: Oh those whatnots are cute! and perfect for Valentines too! Hope you all have a very Hoppy...

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Happy New Year, Folks!

Posted By on Jan 1, 2010

Can ya believe it? I’m blogging again! hahahahahaha Will wonders never cease?, she asks ever so politely. After a little bit of prompting from customers and folks alike who would like to be kept up to date on any upcoming events or products in my shop, I figured I should dust off the ole blogaroonie and start something again. Well what better day to start than Day ONE of a brand new fresh year!?!? hahahahaha So there are a great...

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