Posts made in July, 2010

Where’s your favorite holiday spot?

Posted By on Jul 19, 2010

Its summer time and even though we have finished school a long time ago, it still feels like the time for holidays.  It’s funny how that never seems to leave you………the way that July and August feel completely different…like we are living a slower pace and we are on holidays!  Maybe its the getting out in yard or going to the beach, or actually going on a holiday but the entire two months feel different,...

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That’s right, gentle reader, no more teasing…..    tis time to put the new Gone Fishin’ Collection on the shelves at Nitwit Collections.     Here is another collection in our summer outdoors series that can mix and match with Gone Campin’ and In the Woods collections.     Hope it makes the fisherman or fisherwoman or fisherboy or fishergirl or fisherdog in your life happy!   hahahaha Have yourself a great...

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You’re a Good Catch Card

Posted By on Jul 14, 2010

Thought I’d post another little card I made using my upcoming Gone Fishin’ Collection.    If all goes according to plan (and it has yet to go according to plan in my estimation….  hahaha) the kit should hopefully be released this week!     Anyway here’s to hoping…  hahahaha Iffen I hadn’t shown this one to Mr Manpants here already I surely would be giving it to him at some point as I’m always...

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Ready for some “Reel” fun?

Posted By on Jul 13, 2010

Okay so wanna see a card I made using my upcoming “Gone Fishin'” Collection?     Well same rules apply iffen you don’t.    Avert your eyes cause it’s coming….  hahahahhaha Ya still lookin’, gentle reader?   hahaha    I hope so or that would mean that I’m talking to myself here, wouldn’t it? Just thought I’d share with ya one of the cards I made with the new collection.    A little...

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Wanna do some Campin’????

Posted By on Jul 8, 2010

Well our new Gone Campin’ kit is just the ticket iffen you do!   hahahahaha     It co-ordinates completely with our In the Woods collection so feel free to mix and match to your hearts content, gentle reader, cause it’s all matchy-poo…..   and me likes my matchy-poo!   hahahahahahaha Here’s the preview for you to lay your bonnie little peepers on…. Now don’t be frettin’ about that bear in your...

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