Posts made in February, 2011

Big Top Collection now selling tickets!

Posted By on Feb 18, 2011

Yes, today is the day that the circus has come to Nitwit Collections!  Put on your walking shoes, and take a stroll though to see the Big Top Collection, now on the shelves! Hope you enjoy the show!!...

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Do you like to Clown Around?

Posted By on Feb 16, 2011

We certainly don’t.  You know how serious Mary Fran and I are….always prim and proper, never a humorous comment between us….okay, okay, my nose has now grown to hit my computer screen!!ha,ha Since we like all things fun, Mary Fran has done her best to create a new good-time Collection and here is a sample of what will be our next release. We hope you have your thinking cap on for this one – it’s a real...

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Tippy Toes Now on the Nitwit Shelves

Posted By on Feb 4, 2011

Yes, the waiting is over, and the new Collection is now on the shelves in our store.  Don’t forget to have a look at the full Collection co-ordinates complete with Lil Bits, extra papers pack, alpha, and digital stamps! Let your Toes do the walking……...

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Digital Stamps at Nitwit Collections

Posted By on Feb 3, 2011

We’ve decided to create a new line of Digital Stamps to compliment our Collections, beginning with our soon to be released “Tippy Toes” Collection. With the overwhelming amount of suggestions for this line, we began our talks, created and finally are bringing this line to you.  We hope that you like them, and if you’ve never tried stamps before, maybe this will be your proverbial “Tippy Toe” into...

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We’re Dancin’ at Nitwit Collections

Posted By on Feb 1, 2011

Yes, we’ve worked on our Pirouettes and our Pleas and we thought that others might like to see (only if you’re off your rockers!!!)!  Instead, we decided that others doing ballet would be more suited to the refined tastes that the rest of the world has. Here is a sneak peek at our upcoming release we’ve aptly named Tippy Toes. Prepare yourselves, for the dance!...

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