Posts made in March, 2011

Find some Easter Eggs??

Posted By on Mar 25, 2011

Come on over and look in every nook and cranny for the Easter Bunny and Spring have arrived a little earlier here in Nitwit-land!  Come over and check out our latest release, Egg-stra Special Collection, now on the shelves…..   Hope that you find lots of joy within this Collection, and maybe even a few eggs....

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Spring is officially here?

Posted By on Mar 21, 2011

I don’t know what it looks like outside your window, but did one of us forget to tell Mother Nature that Spring officially started yesterday? We certainly have had some nicer weather, but today is grey and snowing lightly outside.  Oh well, we are doing our best in order to give a little boost to Spring and Easter. These are from our soon to be released Collection that will be on the shelves soon…according to Mother...

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Land Ho!!!

Posted By on Mar 10, 2011

Yes, our newest Collection is now on the shelves at Nitwit Collections.  The pirates are loose, the bird is “you know whating” on the poop deck…..please come and take them off of our hands!!!   Hope you like them, they’re really not bad house guests!...

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Ahoy out there?

Posted By on Mar 9, 2011

Well we have needed some time to create our upcoming Collection, and we are just finishing up on the sanding and painting.  We thought you may want a sneak peek at this upcoming release (cause it’s always nice to get a sneak preview, ha,ha) and I thought I’d share a little today. Now, get out your best sword, and watch out for their language, cause here they are…….   Don’t let their bravado scare you...

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