Posts made in February, 2012

Happy Leap Year!

Posted By on Feb 29, 2012

All over the world, we are having an extra day in our 2012 year. We figured we should try to make it special by releasing our latest Collection today! Our Bonnets ‘n Bowties Collection will hopefully brighten your day and get you thinking of what’s ahead for 2012.  Spring, Easter, and everything coming back to life!!  Hop on over to our store and see “what’s...

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If you’re missing any eggs??

Posted By on Feb 28, 2012

No, it’s not due to a rodent or fox, it may be due to our next soon to be released Collection.  Our little bunnies took care to decorate them well, so the eggs have not gone to waste….but I’ll apologize for them now if they had taken some from you!   How can you scold that face?...

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Stirring of what’s to come….

Posted By on Feb 27, 2012

Not only are we going to show you a little of what is to be released in our store, but also give you a little feeling of what’s in store for the coming month.  Looking forward to a little Spring weather, and maybe a little Easter celebration???  Well look no further…. Let the sun start to...

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Diggers ‘n Dozers Collection

Posted By on Feb 16, 2012

The “Caution” tape has been removed and the store is a safe construction zone now!  Come on over and check out our Diggers ‘n Dozers Collection where “working” with this kit will be fun! There she...

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Building Memories

Posted By on Feb 15, 2012

We hope that you built some memories yesterday and had a Happy Valentine’s Day!! We are building some here, and wanted to give you a card idea to sample to get your creativity flowing. Watch out for falling boulders!!...

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