Posts made in July, 2013

What else are the gnomes up to??

Posted By on Jul 31, 2013

Do you have a friend or possibly your spouse that you would like to send some special thoughts to??  Well here is a use  that you may not have thought of when using our new upcoming release…….. Hoping you’re having a great summer, “gnome” matter what the...

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Where Oh Where have the Nitwits Gone??

Posted By on Jul 30, 2013

We are here……..!!!   We did take a week off for vacation last week, and so that may be why you heard just crickets when you visited our blog……but don’t despair we are back!! While we were away, we came home and noticed some work had been done.  Now who could it be we ask???   You decide…as these guys will be coming to our store later this week! They are our friends, are home and our...

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What’s up with the weird weather???

Posted By on Jul 13, 2013

Okay, so I know it’s Mary Fran’s Musings, but hey, she gave me the password to this area so I guess I’m in, hey???ha,ha What is up with the weird weather this summer??  I don’t know if you are having it too, but the flooding, heavy rains, etc. are so uncommon for us here in Western Canada.   We have probably had more hail this year than in the past 5 years.  Thankfully we have been spared any damage or water...

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Our newest release, FQB – From Laughter to Memories Collection is now available in our store!  We’ve teased you with some previews earlier this week (and we hope that’s not your memory of us as teasers!ha,ha) so we certainly wanted to give you the preview of the full Collection!! As with many of our recent releases there are 2 things you don’t want to miss!  The first is purchasing this Collection as the...

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Who would you send this card to?

Posted By on Jul 10, 2013

Who would be your special person to send this card to???  Maybe it would be your wife, daughter or mother???  Maybe it would to the nursing staff who helped your family out, or maybe it is an invitation to a shower or wedding???  You decide, as you will get a chance to see the entire kit shortly, and also purchase this card which will be in our Cards and Hybrids section!  ...

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