A “Heavenly” Card

Posted By on Dec 7, 2010 | 8 comments

We should really be releasing another Collection, don’t ya think??  We do too!

Here is a sneak look at our soon to be released Heavenly Collection.

Stay tuned for more details……



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    Hi Jeanne,

    Oh, that’s great that my long winded explanations helped! Yes, it can be a bit of a search, but is certainly not impossible to find at a good stationary supply store. Glad you were able to find some, and yes 230GSM should be just the thickness that you’re looking for!

    Happy printing!

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    Hi LG! Thanks SO much for the information! I went out after I posted my question to look for paper with the number you mentioned in the FAQs. I was surprised to discover finding matte paper is more difficult than glossy. I ended up with Office Depot’s house brand and the number is 230, so hopefully that’ll be good. I really appreciate your taking the time to respond.

    Have a great day.

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    Thanks Lynn and we’re glad that you liked the Simple Joys enough to use them for your cards this year! Thanks for sharing with us!


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    Another adorable collection! Speaking of cards. . .I used Simple Joys for my Christmas cards this year. This collection was perfect for the photo of my DDs and Santa. They came out so nice (if I do say so myself hee hee). Thanks for all the creativity!

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    Hi Jeanne,

    Thanks for the warm compliments, and glad you like our Collections!!
    The paper that we use is a Matte Presentation paper. We have used the Epson brand and really liked it and also the Staples house brand. The weight of the paper is how heavy or thick it is, which will give you the finished product that you are looking for. The Staples brand we currently have is 230GSM or 61lb paper. You will be able to find these numbers on the outside of the package of paper. I would suggest nothing less than about 200GSM. To give you an example, many of the papers that you buy in the scrapbooking stores are about a 180GSM.

    Hope that this helps,


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    Oh my goodness! What a lovely card. I’ve been trying to be soooo good and not spend too much money on myself, but you guys are making it awfully hard. LOL I bought Nitwitville the other day and now I’m thinking this is gonna be another must have (like pretty much all your stuff is). Resistance is probably futile. *Ü*

    I was going to ask (again, I’m sure) what paper you use to create your hybrid projects. I looked on the FAQ page and don’t quite understand the numbers. I bought some matte photo paper a while ago and sort of liked it, but it’s awfully thin and curled rather quickly(which is where the sorta liked comes in, I liked it until it curled) Do you have a particular brand that you use?

    You guys are awesome and I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season so far!

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    Thanks Jackie! We put up the sneak peeks, but won’t make you wait too long….just long enough to figure what you’ll want to do with it! ha,ha

    Thanks again,

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    OMG! You never cease to amaze me! So adorable – I can’t wait any longer! Please hurry!!

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