Happy New Year, Folks!

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Can ya believe it? I’m blogging again! hahahahahaha Will wonders never cease?, she asks ever so politely.

After a little bit of prompting from customers and folks alike who would like to be kept up to date on any upcoming events or products in my shop, I figured I should dust off the ole blogaroonie and start something again. Well what better day to start than Day ONE of a brand new fresh year!?!? hahahahaha

So there are a great many things in the works right now for www.nitwitcollections.com that me and LG (the Little General…. my poor long suffering husband) are super excited about. I can tell you that my fingers have been busy clicking my mouse button (perhaps the rest of me is out of shape but you should see my right index finger and the muscles on it! hahahha) and creating a whole bunch of fun new Valentine’s themed kits and add-ons for the shop.

I’m hoping that if all goes according to plan (and when does it really? hahahaha) I will have the first one on the shelves and ready to go next week. Woohoo! hahahahahaha

What? What’s that you say? You’d like a hint, gentle reader, of what the new kit is about? Well okay, but only cause you asked nicely….

here ya go….

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