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Posted By on Dec 6, 2010 | 5 comments

The Christmas Season is fully upon us all and we have a quick and easy project that we thought you may be interested in (as you don’t have enough to do this Season!ha,ha).

This project has used our FQB – Nitwitville Collection to make a great idea to hang your Christmas cards on.  Here’s the finished photo, and I’ll give you a few tips below of how we created it!

We took all of these images and were able to fit them on 3 sheets of 8.5″x11″ paper (about a 200GSM), but you can choose to make this whatever size you need, as you’re probably more popular than us and receive more cards!ha,ha.

Once you have printed and cut out all of these images, we then placed them in the order that we thought looked best (don’t ask others for help on what looks good or you’ll be here till next Christmas, ha,ha! We found that everyone has a different thought).  Try arranging them however you wish, and don’t forget to try placing one house under it’s side mates, or in a simple “stacking” fashion where each house has the right hand part of it, under the next house.

Then place on your adhesive dots where everything will glue together and stick ’em.

Cut some kitchen string, or jute and lay it out before punching in the holes to attach them, to see how long you want the top “hanger” string and the bottom “card” string.  When you’re happy with each length, simple punch a hole in the houses where you’d like it to join, and tie on the strings.

Now get out your biggest hammer and a railroad spike and drive it into the wall – you’re spouse will be so happy that you did!! ha,ha  And Voila!  Start hanging on your Christmas cards.

There are so many other options for this project, depending on how much time you have.  Why not try decoupaging the houses, or glittering the snow that hangs off the roofs.  How about cutting out a little portion of the window pane in one of the houses, and gluing in from the back, a picture of family members or Santa!  The possibilities are endless!

Hope you give it a try, and let us know how you make out!!

Happy Days!



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    This is a lovely idea, and now I’ve got nearly a year to figure out how to do it!

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    Thanks Jeanne! Glad you liked it, and we’ll try to share a few more Hybrid Scrapbooking ideas throughout the year!

    Thanks again,

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    This is absolutely adorable!!! Thanks so much for sharing. I love it!

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    Thank Ellie! Glad you liked it, and hope that you enjoy it this Christmas Season!

    Happy building,

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    Oh, that is super adorable. And now I’m going to have to go and pick up Nitwitville so I can make one, too!

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