Oooooh what’s this? Something new on the blog????

Posted By on May 11, 2010 | 3 comments

hahahahahhaha    That’s right, gentle reader.    In between bailing water out of the basement, hauling christmas decorations and pantyhose pumpkins up to the garage, pulling back carpet, drying it out with fans, and then putting it back down again…..  us here nitwits haven’t been paying too much attention to the ole blogeroonie!   hahahahaha    But today you’re in for a treat iffen you’re tired of coming and seeing the same ole thing that is!

How about a new card to mix it up a wee-bobby bit?     All right I’ll post one now (amidst your thunderous applause hahahaha)…..

This card is made with my upcoming Away We Go collection….     (soon to be on the shelves at ye ole shoppe!  hahahaha).      It’s really a travel/vacation type kit but I thought it made such a cute “good-bye” card too with the little luggage and the little car.      It’s funny for me to even see this card again as this kit has been finished for soooooo long and just merrily collecting dust on the “standby shelves” as it was moved down in the kit rotation time after time after time.    Poor little travel kit.    Superseded by all those more springy type kits.     But don’t be feelin’ sorry for it, gentle reader, as very soon will it be it’s turn to be in the spotlight!     Every one gets a turn here at nitwitville.    We’re all about that.     No primadonnas here amongst the kits.    All will get their moment in the sun….   I’ll see to that!   hahahahahaha

Wouldn’t it be nice iffen more things were like that??????

Mary Fran out


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    Hi Jeanne and Ria,

    Yes, Jeanne we did have a bit of water in our basement, and thanks for your words of encouragement. We really got away luck, though, so no worries for us!

    Ria, thanks for your great comments about us and our card! We’re glad that you like our papers and find them appealing to use for your creations!!

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    Whoohooo I found your blog today. I am buying your papers since forever (it looks that way) hahaha and I just wanted to tell you how much I love them 😉

    Your card is soo cute 🙂
    hugs Ria

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    Looks like fun!

    Sorry to hear you must have had a flooded basement…that is NO fun! Good luck with your clean up!

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