Posts made in August, 2011

You make my Heart Skip

Posted By on Aug 24, 2011

Here is another idea for a use for our soon to be released Pinky Swear Collection! May it make your heart...

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Best Friends

Posted By on Aug 23, 2011

Our soon to be released Collection is a tribute to best friends, especially your childhood best friend.  Remember just getting together with no plans in mind, and having a great time?  It was so easy to be pals.  Maybe you lived on the same street or liked their dog and struck up a friendship!  Life should always be this easy! We hope that you will enjoy the preview of what is to come…. Take a little time and have “stroll...

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The Sweets Shop is now open!

Posted By on Aug 11, 2011

Candy as far as the eye can see….now that is really worth a big smile!!  Come on over and check out our newest release of our Confection Collection that is now on the shelves.  See if anything tempts your taste buds!! Don’t worry, Finn has only licked a few of the candies as they went into this kit….and we’re not telling which ones!!ha,ha...

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Yes, it’s about time to release another Collection, and we have a very “tasty” one in store for you all!  This may take some of us back a few years (a few too many maybe…ha,ha) but there’s nothing like a bunch of sweets to put a smile on our faces!   May this make you happy, and none for the dentist!  ...

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