5 Ways to find Inspiration for your Digital Scrapbooking Layouts!

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Have you ever had those days where you’ve set aside some time and are looking forward to creating a few layouts with some photos that you treasure?   You get your coffee, you’re in a happy mood and you sit down at your computer and are ready to go!

You start searching through your digital scrapbooking kits to find just the right one for your photo….but…..you hit a wall.   Should it be this kit, or that kit, this colour or that colour, this theme or that theme….I think you get the picture.  Now your coffee is getting cold, you hear some noise from the “others” in the house, you get way layed by thinking of the chores that need doing and your creativity is gone as fast as cookies fresh out of the oven.  What to do now???

First, go get yourself another fresh cup of coffee and start over.  Now put your magic fingers to work on your keyboard and head to the internet.  Here’s where you should go…..

  1. Your favorite digital scrapbooking store (Nitwit Collections™ of course!) and check out our gallery.   We have aptly named ours, Inspiration Gallery….and with good reason!   We have scrapbooking layouts galore!   You don’t have to find a layout using the kit you were thinking of, simply look at how things are laid out on the page.  Where are the photos?   How are the background papers arranged??  Oh, you see that there is a large element in the corner or a cluster of elements just off centre of the photo to give it more interest.   Keep this on your screen and start recreating this layout in your program with the first digital kit on your list.   You’ll be surprised at how quickly it all comes together using the layout that you found as your guide.   If that layout has a busy background paper, choose a busy background paper from the kit your using and place it in the same place on your layout…..I think you’re getting the idea!
  2. Pinterest….now this is a bit of a danger zone…..don’t get side tracked by the recipe that now made you hungry, or the home decor ideas that you were thinking of doing.   Head straight to the boards of your favorite store (Hmmm….Nitwit Collections™ again you say??OK) where you will find even more layouts in both our Nitwit Collections™ Digital Scrapbooking Layouts board, as well as our Nitwit Collections™ Design Team board.   REMEMBER….DON’T TAKE A SIDE TRIP!!  This is window shopping at its finest!
  3. Other galleries such as Scrapbook.com or even Splitcoast Stampers have immense galleries that so many talented people are posting in.   Give yourself a 1 cup of coffee time limit to browse….you know you found the perfect idea in only a few minutes….so let’s get back to creating your layout!
  4. Your old photo albums.   We know they’re neatly arranged on a shelf or cabinet in your house, so pick one up.  Your paper scrapbooking days can provide you with lots of beginning ideas that you now can expound on.   You’ve had much more experience since you created these scrapbook pages, so just re-imagine one of your own layouts with your new found sense of knowledge!  You’re so smart!!
  5. Magazines are also a great source of inspiration.   Even look at the ads….think of how much time and effort people put into them in order to attract your attention.  Why not use and rework their ideas into that stunning digital layout that you were looking forward to creating when you began your day!

Now, I’ve talked enough and you probably need a bathroom break…look at how many cups of coffee you’ve already had!

Off you go, find your inspiration, and then do it!

Here’s a simple but fun layout to give you a little push!

digital scrapbooking layout dog

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