And….we’re back!

Posted By on Jun 30, 2011 | 5 comments

It has been a quite awhile since we have posted, due to the computer upgrades that we have been doing.  Our “Speak and Say” just didn’t want to function quite like our computers, so we were left looking at each other…ha,ha!

Well now we are back in our seats beside each other, and are ready to release a new Collection very shortly.  A true FQB……..hope you like it!

We hope you are having a nice summer/winter day!



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    Thanks Lynn for the compliments on the layout and the new collection. This is just the kind of sewing that I think most people like… is already sewn for you!!ha,ha

    Thanks again,

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    Although I don’t sew (well, only when I HAVE to), this kit looks remarkable. The sample layout reflects the love and caring that goes into all of your creations. I’m so glad that you had someone special to show you how to sew.

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    LoL. I wish you could do that too. Hey, maybe a winning lottery ticket kit is in our futures? LoL.


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    Thanks Cindy! We are glad you liked it. Now if we could only do a kit that gives you time!!ha,ha


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    Awe, that’s adorable you guys! Another great kit. Now I just wish I had time to actually scrap. (LoL)

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