Best Cutting File Machine??

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Little General - Briefings Post

We have a question for you! We know that there are many of you that like to print our designs and create with them in physical paper rather than digital.

OK, so here’s our question……
Do you own and use a cutting machine?? Which one do you have or would want to have?? Leave a comment and let us know!


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    Thanks for sharing with us on the machine that you have Paula!! Thank you as well for your compliments on our designs and we hope that you get lots of use from both!!

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    I have the KNK Maxx and love it. It can cut a lot of different materials and can cut .svg files (among others). Oh, I love the Nitwit papers (did I mention LOVE), along with the cute little images, too!

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    Hi Laurie…Thanks for your comment! I don’t think that you can use your Cricut to cut our images, as they have discontinued the software for svg files (unless you previously had the software from a few years back).

    Our eBooks are available on our FAQ page and they do include a section on specific instructions to get better printing results. You can click on this link to take you to our FAQ page! Hope this helps you!!

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    I own a Cricut Expression, but I must admit that I have not used it all that much even though I have several cartridges (they and the machine have been Christmas gifts over the years). I have used it mostly for making greeting cards. Could I even use it to cut out your images? I don’t see how. Where can I get the e-book about printing your images (which by the way AWESOME-I only wish that I could afford to have them all-LOL).

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    Thanks for sharing your experience with us Jennifer! It seems like the digital cutters are so popular, and we are glad that you like yours!

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    I own a Pazzles Digital cutter and I love it!

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    Hi Jeanne….thanks for your comment to let us know what you have! The Cameo seems to be popular with people….it seems to have more diversity in what you can do with it, but I know the Cricut has its advantages as well.
    If you want to print our papers and need a little help with printing quality, you can download our free eBook that has a section on printing. It actually is not that hard, you just may need a little more info. We all had to learn, and maybe this is your time!
    You can find our Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial eBook on our FAQ page.
    Thanks for sharing!

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    Hi LG,

    I own a cutting machine, a Cricut, with many of those expensive cartridges (each bought on sale 😉 ). I haven’t really printed out your lovely papers though. Mine don’t ever look as good when printed, must be operator error. I would like to own a Cameo someday, but that someday is pretty distant. LOL

    Hope that helps.

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    Hi Annette,

    Thanks for your comment! Yes you did understand me correctly. I was wondering about the machines such as Big Shot, Cameo, etc. It sounds like you use yours quite a bit, and yes the cartridges for the Cricut are very expensive; even with that it still seems popular. Thanks for sharing your experience with your machines and thank you as well for the compliments on our designs!

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    Hmmm, not sure if I’m understanding the question right. I do print your papers out for my craft projects, but generally cut them to shape using a craft knife. If you mean a die cutting machine, I tend to use plain papers usually for my die cuts, and I’ve got a Big Shot. I love it, and would not be without it, but then I’ve not tried anything else. I do have a Cricut machine that my neighbour was going to throw out, but I only have one cartridge (wow those things are expensive) and I must admit, it seems a bit more of a pain to use than the Big Shot. Hmm, hope that was what you were hoping for! Perhaps you meant an electronic file cutter, so apologies if so!
    ps – I love your designs. Your papers are gorgeous.

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