Have a little older Grad?

Posted By on Jun 1, 2011 | 4 comments

I know that in looking at the layout for our soon to be released Collection, you might think that it would only be good for the younger grads.  In this card, we tried to show that you could also use it for those of you that have grads that are a little older as well.  Just a thought!

Waiting for this one will not take as long as it takes to graduate!!



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    Thanks Elizabeth, for the compliment on our card making! And yes, the bear is very cute and does deserve a card of his own?!ha,ha

    Thanks again,

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    You always made beautiful cards! And sure it will be great for older grads, but the bear is too cute!

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    Thanks Jan for the compliments!! See, great minds think alike!!ha,ha

    Thanks again,

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    This is a great set, I’d aleady been planning on how to use it for older grads for next year.

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