How does Mary Fran do it?

Posted By on Oct 15, 2010 | 6 comments

Just how does Mary Fran keep her creativity to come up with new ideas and ways of looking at things?  Well, from the one who lives with her, let me give you a little insight…..or rather show you!

Now some people may call this excessive (I wouldn’t cause she’s sitting right next to me!ha,ha) but I look at it as having the right tools, to fulfill what she sees in her mind’s eye.  (The pumpkins were all made by Mary Fran, before scrapbooking has filled her creativity outlet!)

Now in saying that I MAY have given the ODD comment about quantity as I was asked to find more orange paint…..I am very glad that she has the tenacity to believe in her creations, because I don’t need to tell you how things turn out and what the finished product looks like.  But here goes….

So this should help to explain how she does it.  I love living with a creative spirit, and ALL that it brings into our lives!



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    Out of nylons….that’s just awesome! Such gorgeousness! (is that a word? lol) What amazing arrangements! I love it! So so pretty!

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    Thanks Andrea and Teresa for your compliments on Mary Fran’s decorating! I know, the pumpkins are a strange lot, they’re made from ladies nylons, then stuffed and painted. We always comment how “slim” the pumpkins look in their nylons, so as not to offend!ha,ha

    Thanks for looking and commenting,

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    Oh my goodness look at them all! I love the way you decorate Mary Fran and I am just so pleased that you continue to feed your creativity and produce gorgeous digital kits for me to play with 🙂

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    What are the pumpkins made of? I LOVE your decorating!

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    Ha,ha,ha Jeanne… are very perceptive on the storage of these pumpkins. They do require an area of the house, but they’re worth it!


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    She MADE all those pumpkins? WOW! At first I thought maybe they were fabric, but then you said you had to get more orange paint…hmmm. Oh well, I’m totally impressed that she made them, no matter how she did so. They look fantastic.

    Then I wonder about storing all of those…must take up a lot of space. Definitely worth it, though for the final look.

    Thanks so much for sharing, LG!

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