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Isn’t it funny how having some good sleeps can make the day brighter, make you funnier, and make food taste better!  OK that may be a little bit of an exaggeration but I think you get my drift.

For those of you who don’t know, we brought home our 2nd puppy of this year only 2 1/2 weeks ago and we returned to the “getting up at night to pee” and I don’t mean me and Mary Fran.  Little Abigail has decided that sleep is not at a premium, and you can nap whenever you need to when you are a puppy.  The whole world revolves around your tight schedule!  6am, pee, then eat and drink lots!  6:30am, pee (even outside where I am supposed to sometimes) 7am wrestle with Crosby, 7:30 pee again and play with my toys….8am sleep.  See how jam packed her day is! She’s already asking for a daytimer for Christmas to book all of her “important” events as she certainly doesn’t want to forget!

Well finally, the last 2 nights the little “angel” (tongue planted firmly in cheek) has slept through the entire night and let us do the same.  We are not sure who to thank for this wonderful progression but please know we are THANKFUL!  It has allowed me enough space in my grey matter to write this!

We will be posting and chatting on our blog much more regularly with random things, not just new Collection releases etc. so we hope that you enjoy the ride with us and hopefully get a little laugh.  Feel free to comment anytime as we love to hear your thoughts, or maybe commiserate a little!ha,ha

Here’s to a brighter day with sleep for all!!

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